Our Expertise

We have decades of experience in delivering IT infrastructure end-to-end for organisations of any sizes.
Our team is certified and we want to ensure you the fact that we can deliver tailor made solutions making sure we work alongside your internal project and IT teams to deliver most of your expectations.
Cloud adoption
On-Prem solutions
On-Prem Cloud adoption


  • Create architectural solutions based on client needs 

  • Provision subscriptions instances based on client needs

  • Manual and automatic subscription resources deployment (Vnet, Subnets, NSG’s, Network ACL’s, Private Link, Backup Vaults, Key Vaults, Automation Accounts, Storage Accounts, monitoring and logging) 

  • Create and management of Security Groups to ensure proper access to Azure resources

  • Configure access to Azure resources using IAM and management groups via Azure Active Directory

  • Manual and automatic deployment of virtual machines to host client services or PaaS services based on client needs

  • Azure backup deployments

  • Provision, monitoring and alerting Azure resources                                                    



  • Create architectural solutions based on client needs

  • Provision EC2 instances to appropriate scale

  • Create Security Groups to ensure   proper access to AWS resources

  • Configure access to AWS resources using IAM (Users, Group, Policies and Roles)

  • Provision S3 Bucket and configure them based on client requests.

  • VPC configuration (Subnets, Route Table, Internet GW, Networks ACLs, Private Link, NAT Gateway, NAT Instance etc.)

  • Provision and monitor RDS databases

  • Create backup solutions for EC2, DBs, S3

  • Configure and maintain Route53


  • Microsoft 365 – deploying and managing

  • SharePoint and OneDrive management

  • Public domains acquisitions

  • Public DNS hosting services management

  • Email cloud hosting management


Microsoft Server OS:

  • Install, configure and maintaining Microsoft services (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File Servers, SCCM, VMM, WSUS, etc.)

  • Perform Windows Server OS installations and patching based on clients needs

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software server problems

  • Install, configure and maintain monitoring solution as SCOM and hardware

  • Windows servers migration from older versions to new versions

  • Configure server user policies and enforce them via GPO’s

  • Create backup policies

  • Create scripts to automate repetitive tasks using batch and PowerShell


Linux Distributions:

  • Install, configure and maintaining samba, nfs, apache, nginx, OpenLdap, DNS (bind, unbound, powerDNS )

  • Perform Linux server updates from distribution repositories

  • Troubleshooting hardware and software server problems

  • Install, configure and maintain monitoring tools (Nagios, SmokePing, Cacti)

  • Migrate Linux servers from older to newer version of OS

  • Configure server user security policies and other information security restrictions on Linux servers. (Local user and/or LDAP integration)

  • Configure and monitor software RAID arrays

  • Create backup solution for company server (file level backups, block level backup, VM snapshots)

  • Migrate servers from physical servers to VMs or moving them to AWS EC2  

  • Create scripts to automate repetitive tasks (bash or python)

  • Install Linux OS on servers and configure partition layout based on client needs using standard partition or LVMs and choosing the most appropriate file system (ext4, xsf, zsf on linux)

Hyper-V and VMWare:​

  • Consultancy and audit of your existing infrastructure

  • Upgrade existing environments

  • Deploying new environments

  • Migrate data between environments

  • Automation around repetitive steps

IT Consultancy
  • Consultancy and audit of your existing storage infrastructure based on our expertise and experience with all major storage players (NetApp, PURE, HP 3PAR, Dell Compellent, IBM XIV)

  • Upgrade plans for your existing infrastructure

  • Installing new appliances

  • Day to day tasks and maintenance

  • SAN switches expertise in zoning, migrations and upgrade for existing environments


  • DB Technology that we support are: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Informix and Postgres

  • Maintenance, installations, upgrades, backup and engine troubleshooting

  • Scripting for database maintenance: Linux bash, power-shell, python

  • Able to assist on DevOps tasks in regards of database project needs

  • Our in-depth product and spread knowledge coupled with our experience of working with businesses of all sizes make us the perfect partner for your ad-hoc support requirements.

  • We look over your infrastructure issues that internal IT teams might not have the resources to resolve and provide solutions. We produce high level technical documentation, containing detailed information of the issue and the solution. We can run technical workshops to empower in-house IT teams with expert knowledge from the field.