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Azure: Virtual Machine Deployment task

The goal of this paper is to describe how to create a virtual machine in Azure.

As prerequisites for that are an Azure subscription:

Step 1: deploy a new resource group in the existing subscription

The naming convention we choose for this resource group is as follow PROD(environment)-WE(which West Europe the LOCATION where we deployed this resource group)-AutoAcctINFRA(which represent the role or service for this resource group which is our case will be used for our automation account). Very important customization here is the TAGS which I highly recommend to be implemented and standardized as much as possible because it will help you during any troubleshooting you need to complete or any search you need to do in a large infrastructure.

Step 2: deploy a new network security group that will allow us to manage our infrastructure from the network point of view

A rule which I always recommend being implemented is to block “Internet” access for all virtual machines that are part of this NSG and that is done here at the NSG level:

Step 3: deploy a virtual network

Add here your DNS servers which will be deployed to your virtual machine during VM deployment:

Step 4: deploy a virtual machine

Select create and wait few minutes until your virtual machine is deployed. Notifications and deployment status are visible on right up corner of your screen:

When the deployment is completed you can check the overview for your machine and RDP on it:

And RDP:

Task completed.

Thank you!

AmistadGroup IT Team


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